In today’s volatile and intensely competitive environment, it is evident that the businesses and non-business organizations across the globe must conduct themselves with utmost efficiency to achieve performance excellence to survive and thrive. Hence, decision making, in all functional areas and at all levels of management, play a crucial role in achieving the desired excellence by making the best use of the available resources. Decision-makers need to appreciate and deal with technical, cultural, behavioral, social, and environmental interdependencies while making decisions. Also, they require adapting and utilizing various decision science’s tools and techniques for efficient and effective decisions, as well as promote global sustainability at the micro and macro levels.


In this context, the 10th ISDSI International Conference offers a platform to promote interdisciplinary research at the global level. The Indian Subcontinent Region Decision Sciences Institute (ISDSI) along with MET’s Institute of Management, Bhujbal Knowledge City, Nasik, Maharastra, India from December 28-30, 2016. We invite academicians, practitioners from business and industry, and research scholars to this conference for sharing, discussing, and deliberating on a variety of research agendas, ideas, and findings related to decision making, decision processes, and performance excellence

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